Sturdier than a glass growler, and complete with a secured swing-top cap, the stainless steel growler is the perfect choice for realists and fashion-forward beer connoisseurs alike.


Beer Accessories (3 colors Selection)

Go boldly down the rugged trail (or pedal across town) with the Stainless Steel 64oz Growler. This insulated vessel keeps the beer cold and the coffee hot. The swing-top lid and silicone seal ensures you won't lose a drop. Plus, it's just fun to hear it go, "Pop!" And it's not only for beer, folks. Kombucha, cold-coffee, water - the growler doesn't mind!



  • Insulated; Swing-top lid with silicone seal for leakage prevention

  • 1 - 64 oz. Stainless Steel Growler with Swing-Top Stopper Lid

  • 100% Stainless Steel

  • Number of Components (1)

Catalog #102-00 - Stainless Steel 64 oz. Growler (3 colors)

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