Today you're going to do something different.  You're goin' old-school with the Piccadilly Picnic Basket by Picnic Time.


Blooming like a spring flower, the Piccadilly Picnic Basket is a new take on a classic design with its wicker handwoven-willow construction and double-lid design. The fully-lined interior holds a roll-up silverware pouch and the plates, wine glasses, and corkscrew conveniently strap to the undersides of the lids. Grab the integrated handle in one hand, your sweetheart's in the other, and head outdoors with this lovely picnic basket set.



  • Handwoven willow construction; Double-lid design; Integrated willow handle; Fully-lined interior; Roll-up silverware pouch

Catalog No. 202-19 - Catalina Picnic Basket

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