When you and your buds get to the tailgate party...when you've reached the top of the ridge...nay, when you've climbed to the top of Mt.Kilimanjaro...the first priority is your thirst.  Thankfully, the Six Pack Beverage Carrier exists as exactly the type of practical, durable and comfortable solution the occasion demands.


Because showing up to the party holding your six pack by the plastic rings is so last decade - the Picnic Time Six Pack Cooler Tote is a heavy duty, insulated drink carrier for six cans or bottles up to 20 oz. Perfect for camping or tailgating, this drink cooler comes with neoprene-padded carrying handles, a large exterior utility pocket, and die-cut holes to loop over bottlenecks to keep everything, well, not broken!



  • Heavy duty, form fitting neoprene fabric 

  • Six single-bottle insulated compartments, sized to hold most 12 oz. aluminum cans, 0.5 liter plastic bottles, and 17oz. glass bottles

  • Neoprene-wrapped carry handles

  • Large exterior utility pocket

  • Six die-cut holes to loop over bottlenecks to hold drinks in place.

Catalog No. 608-00 - Six Pack Beverage Carrier

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